Overview of the studies- and exam regulations

Your study regulation is the baseline law in which your rights and duties during your study are written down legally binding. You should have read through it properly once before your study starts. Which study regulation goes for you depends on what you're studying and when you started. Here we'll link the current regulations that people are matriculated with at the moment. If you go bz an older study regulation, please refer to the links at the bottom of the page.
If you're unsure what to look out for in your study regulation, take this little Quiz and see, if your questions can be answered.

There's a Bachelor and Master regulation (BaMaO), that takes care of general matters and then adds to the course-specific regulation. The BaMaO is superposed to the course-specific regulation

Links for the course-specific Mono-regulations can be found here.

For all teaching-related courses of the University of Potsdam, the Bachelor and Master Lehramts Ordnung (BaMaLaO) applies, which regulates general matters. Furthermore there are course-specific regulations for every course. The BaMaLaO is superposed to the course-specific regulations.

Links for the course-specific teaching regulations can be found here.

In case you go by an older regulation you'll find it on the following pages of the Uni of Potsdam:

In case of further questions, we and your according course-consultants are always happy to help. In case of specific individual matters that aren't included in the regulations, the exam board makes the decisions.

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