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At the University of Potsdam, there are countless methods of studying abroad. Here we'll give you a short overview of the offers of the institute of mathematics and physics.

All the way at the bottom of the page you'll find the newest experience reports of some of our physics students.

Of course, you can go abroad without an Erasmus (or you actually have to, in case you want to go outside of the EU). Here the paths aren't as trodden on as if you chose an Erasmus, and you have to take care of everything yourself. The homepage of the International Office does keep a plethora of information on the organization of studying abroad.

ERASMUS is a university program by the European Union, that has been allowing border-crossing mobility since 1987. The following countries partake in Erasmus: The 27 EU-Countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Croatia, and Switzerland.

From the academic year of 2014/2015 onward the ERASMUS+ program will start. This will bring a number of changes, amongst others:

  • Multiple funding through ERASMUS+ (meaning going abroad more than once, for example for an abroad semester and once again for an internship)
  • Access for students that are already using ERASMUS or study outside of the BA-MA system (between state exam and PhD)
  • The duration of funding has been extended drastically
  • Division of the funding sum in 3 categories, through which the different kinds of living costs in the different countries are taken into account

More details on the changes are to be found here.

Where do I find what?

What do I have to do?

The best thing to do is probably connecting with the ERASMUS-agent of the according institute and discuss the continuing steps. Of course, it helps to have looked around on the page a bit beforehand and have gathered some information already. The International Office advises you very well too though, and the contract will end up working via the International Office too. People there will help you really nicely!

A checklist from the AA for the ERASMUS program can be found here. The current coordinator for physics is Prof. Dr. Carsten Beta. The coordinator for maths is Frau Prof. Dr. Christine Böckmann.

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience This society works for that scientific and highest-quality-possible often paid internships abroad are conveyed.

A typical offer that recently went over the IAESTE information distributor is a 6 week paid internship in Norway in the field of astrophysics. For specifics refer to the insert.

Such and other offers might be of interest to some of you. You can subscribe to the distributor with the mail address ( via

Further info can be found especially on the homepage of IAESTE in Potsdam

The official experience reports of all students of the Uni Potsdam who were abroad can be found here.

If you want to write a report to tell your fellow students all about your year abroad you can find a few handy tools on what questions you might want to answer here

JahrStadt (Land)Bericht
2021Umeå (Schweden)Report as a pdf
2019/2020Santiago de Compostela (Spanien)Report as a pdf
2019/2020Neufundland (Kanada)Report on the page of the International Office
SS2018Umea (Schweden)Report as a pdf
???Cagliari (Sardinien)Report as txt
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