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Infos for First Semester Students

Are you new to the university, do you have no clue what is going on and do you want to meet new people?

We are the Student council, your student representatives. We organized a lot to make your start into studying as easy and as comfortable as possible.

In Erstiwochen (04.10.-23.10.21) there are a lot of events that are planned by us or the university.

You can find all the important information in your first semester brochure (if you don't have on, come on over to the Forum Physikum (house 28 Room 0.085) and get one for yourself. You can also download it below.

The current lecture directory is found here.

Because the PDF there is a lot to read and can be a bit confusing, we strongly suggest the directory on PULS (Potsdamer Universitäts Lehr- und Studienorganisationsportal). On PULS you can(and must), as soon as you get a university account, register for all courses and exams you want to take.
All your grades and achievements are saved in PULS.

You can certainly design your weekly schedule as you wish, but we suggest you orient yourselve on the “Studienverlaufsplan” of your study regulations.
And if you want to change something, don't hesitate to ask us, if you're uncertain or just write us a mail.

Be careful of the deadlines, to register in time for exams and courses. Registering late is not possible, in this regard PULS is unfortunately very inflexible. All the deadlines are found here!

You can also create a PDF from your schedule on PULS, so you can print it.
Also you can find a lot of useful documents there, like a certificate of enrollment or a performance overview with all orf your grades.

The current study and exam regulations for Mathmatics and Physics are to be found on the respective institut's homepage. Same goes for all the master stuff. These regulations contain your rights and duties, which you, as a student of the respective course, have. It is very important to be familiar with the content of these regulations as they lead you through your studies.

You can find them:

Also the newest ones are linked here:

Superordinate study regulations

Mono-Bachelor- and Mono-Master regulations
LA-Bachelor- and LA-Master regulations

These regulations are above all field specific regulations of the university of Potsdam, so the apply to all students respectively.

For you as first semester students, the newest regulation applies, which is the on that is valid at the point of your enrollment.

Do you want to explore Potsam on your own, but do you have no bike?

With Nextbike every day you have 3 free hours of bike-rent. Those bikes are available all around Potsdam, also on the 3 campi. You can register with your certificate of enrollment in the Nextbike App.

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