What does the Fachschaftsrat do?

The brief explanation:
The FSR is your students' representation, voted for and chosen by you. We represent your student interests in many important committees, organize events to make student life as exciting as possible, and stand by your side as supportive advisors.
By the way: We're always on the lookout for students, who want to add their creativity and engagement to our work. With us, you get a friendly, open, ragtag bunch who's made quite some things happen as a team.

The longer version for the curious folks:
The Fachschaftsrat Mathematics/Physics (for short FSR MaPhy) is the student representation of all students who major in maths, physics, polymer science, and astrophysics at the University of Potsdam. Once a year it gets elected by all students of these majors and commits itself to the interests of the student council in an honorary capacity. The workload largely consists of 3 parts:

  • Representation of the student interests - This happens in particular by sending representatives to the committees of the institutes, such as the examination board, the study committee, or the institute council. With that our top priority is the improvement of studying conditions, or in other words ensuring the studyability of the majors. As a representative in the committee, you're directly involved in the shaping of the study committee or the life in the institute. Furthermore, the lecturers are critically examined in their ways and methods to allow them to improve their teaching as best as possible.
  • Shaping of the student life at the institute - The FSR organizes and executes various events during the semester, for example Semesterstartparties, LAN-Parties, Institute festivals, Christmas parties or Movie and game nights. Through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence, our mail-dispatcher, and our homepage we try to always keep the students up to date and offer you as many opportunities of contact as possible. Just as that, The venues in the institutes (like the Forum Physicum and the maths-café) are filled with life and technology by us, because the provision of sufficient workspaces are near and dear to us
  • Advice and support of the students and high school graduates - The FSR always offers its services for the problems and questions of students and tries to find solutions and answers. This includes the contents of the Ersti-Week (tutorials, pub tour, grill night, etc.), where we try to make a fun and trouble-free start into uni life happen for the new students. Besides that our collection of old exams grows with each semester so that exams shouldn't have too much of a surprise advantage on you.

Here you've found an overview of our tasks and positions. If you're interested in taking over a position or helping with events, just hit us up!

To allow first-semesters a smooth start into the every-day of university, the FSR organizes an introductory week. Whether it's help with the creating of a timetable, partying together, or simply grabbing a coffee together - we've got quite a few things planned out for you.

We've created a ersti-brochure for you in addition to the one you get from the university.
In this brochure, you'll find all the important intel for your start for studying at the maths and physics institute.

We organize the traditional Semesterstartparty in particular for first-semesters, but for long-established students as well. There you can really get to know your professors from a whole 'nother angle.

Once a semester almost all events get evaluated by the PeP-Team and the FSR in order to improve the teaching. The FSR has, granted by the professors, insight into the results.

After the evaluation, all results are discussed with the professors and exercise group supervisors


  • Ersti-week
  • Christmas party
  • Math-Nat. Sports event
  • Institute festival physics
  • Institute festival maths

Culture in Potsdam (KIP)
Sadly currently not happening.

By the FSR for the first-semesters before the first week of lectures.

The conference takes place over summer break, so that the FSR can prepare its annual program and get to know one another.

The KoMa (conference of german-speaking maths student-councils) and the ZaPF (get-together of the physics student-council) take place every semester. If possible the FSR always tries to send out 3-5 representatives to mingle and confer with students of other universities.

No-can-do without money … here's where it gets accounted

For honest voting … the electoral committee

Consulting time
For people to address us directly. You'll most often find us in the Forum Physicum at otherwise just talk to us directly when you see us.

For everybody who wants to know what their Prof's exams are going to look like.

For the website to function and all FSR people to be able to use it.

Mailing lists
Communication for us, for you, and for anybody who cares.

The best events do no good if nobody shows up

Documentation and website-care
So that this website's content is taken care of properly.

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