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Golden Cage United - The MaPhys' team

Sports are best enjoyed in a group. But as a MaPhy major it's not always easy to find like-minded people and put together a strong group.
With Golden Cage United you've got a platform to find each other, to train and to cheer. We're a team, come join us!
Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball; the GC United doesn't limit itself to just one kind of sport and we're open to all kinds of suggestions and new ideas. ;-)

The soccer-EM starts on the 11th of june 2021. To get you in the mood a bit, we're hosting a soccer-quiz. And maybe you'll even win something.


  • 1. place: Soccer-science with a kick (Springer book) + surprise
  • 2. Platz: Soccer-science with a kick (Springer book)
  • 3. Platz: ZaPF-card game (Rummz card set with physics symbols)

The quiz takes place on the 4th of june 2021 at 18:30 o'clock. You're allowed to compete in a group or as a single competitor.

Group notes:

  • We're expecting a group name with zest ;P.
  • You should have decided on a group before the event starts on the 4th of june. You don't have to sign into anything but the whole thing goes faster if the groups and their team leaders have already formed.
  • Every group needs a team leader who's responsible for the groups' answers.
  • During the Zoom meeting you can have group-internal discussions on our Discord Server. There you can also look for more people who might want to be a part of your group.

As mentioned before, you don't have to sign up. Nonetheless you should be in the Zoom meeting on time, so that you'll know how the quiz is going to work.

This much for the approximate structure:

There'll be 10 “quick” questions via a Google form and after that a finale between the participants still there.

Here's the Zoom meeting:

###Thema: MaPhy Fußball-EM Quiz###

Uhrzeit: 4.Juni.2021 06:30 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

Zoom-Meeting beitreten

Meeting-ID: 670 0627 7514

Kenncode: 38420546

Come on in, we're looking forward to you :)

Julian, Paul, Basti und Zoe

Between the 14th and the 16th of june 2019 the german soccer championship of mathematicians (the DFM) took place in Darmstadt. Golden Cage United, your MaPhy soccer team, competed alongside the TU Berlin.
After great games and a big fight we reached a solid 15th place between 32 participants.
Big thanks goes out to the FSR Informatics, for the dedicated support in organizing the trip. Thank you so much! After a one-year Corona break Kiel is hosting the spectacle in 2021! We want you there!

You're a mathematician and you're in the mood for soccer?
Then come along and show Germany, that the true champion could only come from Potsdam. ;-)
Hit is up at, in the bureau 0.006 in the physics building or come to the Uni League or to the training and just start kicking.
There's be more specific intel when we have it.

THe GC United competes in the Uni League Potsdam too.
During the winter semester the games are 3v3 without a goalkeeper on a shortened small-field. The games are embossed by high speed and intensity.
During the summer semester the games take place in the 1:6 at the Neues Palais, plaeyd on a small-field.
Wether summer or winter, the fun takes center stage. So just come on over and have a great time with friends, soccer and a beer afterwards ;)

Due to the Corona-Situation the winter season 2020/21 isn't taking place. We dearly hope for a new start in the summer semester.

Traditionally our team naturally competes in the annual sports festival of the Math-Nat student councils during the summer semester. If you want to be a part of this and don't have a team yet, why not come to us! Write to us at and tell us wether you prefer the soccer, volleyball, or basketball tournament.

According to experience, training during the winter semester proves itself to be difficult, but will be organized if there's sufficient demand. IF you're interested please get in touch at

It's the 16th of April 2015, and a myth is born.
In the patio of the Golden Cage in Golm three friends meet and lift the Golden Cage United from the eaves.
The Name refers to the physics building, the “Golden Cage” in Golm.

With winning the soccer tournament of the Math-Nat sports festival 2015 as well as the successes in soccer - , volleyball - , and basketball tournaments in the following zear and a 4th place in the Uni League 2016 the Golden Cage quickly established itself as THE MaPhy sports club at the University of Potsdam.

Since the first Uni League in 2016 the GCU participated in every following season, including the first winter league in 2018/19
Furthermore we're regulars at the Hall Masters and the Ball Battle of the Uni, as well as the sports festival of the math-nat faculty of course.

At the sports festival of 2016 the Golden Cage was able to bring home trophies in all three competitions (soccer, basketball and volleyball).

Furthermore we've been participating annually in the german soccer championship of mathematicians since 2017.
In 2018 we were then able to sensationally win the women's tournament in this championship.

1. place at the soccer tournament of the sports festival 2015
2. place at the soccer tournament of the sports festival 2016
2. place at the volleyball tournament of the sports festival 2016
3. place at the basketball tournament of the sports festival 2016
4. place at the Uni League 2016
German women's champion at the german soccer championship of mathematicians in 2018 in Potsdam
2. place at the basketball tournament of the sports festival 2018

Founder member and “dinosaur” of the soccer Uni League Potsdam.

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