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Infos for freshmen in uni

You're new to the Uni of Potsdam, don't know how things work around here and want to meet new people?

We, the Fachschaftsrat (FSR), your student representation have organized a number of things in order to make your start into university life as easy and enjoyable as possible.

In the Erstiwochen (04.10. - 23.10.21) you'll find all kinds of events planned by yours truly. The given date is the last week before the start of the lecture period. In this week we offer you an easy-going get-to-know-everything program to help make your entry into uni as comfortable as possible. Due to Corona we still face a few restrictions, but there will be in-person events besides a number of online events so that you'll be able to meet your fellow students. You'll find all the important information in your Ersti-Heft, which you'll receive at the introductory events and can also download in the following Info-Box any time.
Furthermore, it's there that you will find the presentation of the introductory event.

In case you already have questions regarding your start of studies, write uns an e-mail: fsrmaphy@lists.astaup.de or simply join our Discord-Server.

Spread across the introductory weeks we're got a number of events planned out in order for you to meet your fellow students, acquire tools of assistance for your studies and your FSR planned out. In the first week, where the introductory events will take place, this is limited to an „Online Office Hour“ over Zoom, which you can show up to anytime to ask away. The other two weeks, where the maths - bridge course will be taking place, are largely about you getting to know each other. For that we've planned (Online-) meet-and-greets and tabletop evenings. We'll also be grilling, taking you on a pub tour, as well as a bicycle tour. We look forward to meeting you all!

Information regarding the bridge course you'll find here

Events with the notice „online“ you'll find on our Discord Server MaPhy Discordserver. For a few events we'll also be using Zoom. You'll get the invitation link to the zoom-events on our discord server too as well as on one of our Telegram channels.
Here's where you can join our emailing list.

ZeitraumMontag 04.10.Dienstag 05.10.Mittwoch 06.10.Donnerstag 07.10.Freitag 08.10Samstag 09.10.
10-16 UhrEinführungsveranstaltung
10:00 Mathematik Primarstufe
Mathematik Mono 15 Uhr
16:00 Einführung in PULS
online (Zoom; Meeting-ID: 611 8974 6829, Kenncode: 74566592)
mit Julian
ab 16 UhrEinführungsveranstaltung
17:00 Physik
18-20 Online Office Hour
MaPhy Discordserver
Fragestunde, Stundenplanbau, …
mit Zoë und Oskar
18-20 Online Office Hour
MaPhy Discordserver
Fragestunde, Stundenplanbau, …
mit Basti und Amelie
18-20 Online Office Hour
MaPhy Discordserver
Fragestunde, Stundenplanbau, …
mit Julian und Kyra
18-20 Online Office Hour
MaPhy Discordserver
Fragestunde, Stundenplanbau, …
18:00 Minecraft/Spiele
MaPhy Discordserver
ZeitraumMontag 11.10.Dienstag 12.10.Mittwoch 13.10.Donnerstag 14.10.Freitag 15.10Samstag 16.10.
8-10 Uhr-8-10 Office Hours im Physikforum
Fragestunde, Stundenplanbau, …
Haus 28, Raum 0.085
10-16 UhrBrückenkurs
10-13 Stundenplanbau in Raum und Campusführung mit dem FSR Lehramt, Campus Neues Palais
12:30-14 Uhr Stundenplanbau in Raum und Campusführung mit dem FSR Lehramt, Campus Neues Palais
BrückenkursBrückenkurs13:00 Führung durch den Park Sanssouci, Treffpunkt: Neues Palais Kolonnaden
ab 16 Uhr16:30 Campus Tour (Deutsch)
Treffpunkt Wasserbecken vor der Bibliothek, Campus Golm
mit Milena, Zoë, Julian und Sönke

ab 17:00 Grillen
an der Mensa Golm
18:00 Online-Kennenlernabend
MaPhy Discordserver
18:00 Online-Spieleabend (u.a. Among Us) mit Jan-Marco, Moritz O. und Lukas S.
MaPhy Discordserver
17:00 Präsenz-Spieleabend mit Basti und Milena18:00 Kneipentour
Treffpunkt 17:00 Mensa Golm oder 18:00 Platz der Einheit/West
ZeitraumMontag 18.10.Dienstag 19.10.Mittwoch 20.10.Donnerstag 21.10.Freitag 22.10Samstag 23.10.
8-10 UhrOnline Fragestunde ab 9-10 Uhr
mit Hans und Julian auf Discord
Introductory Meeting Astrophysics
11:00 Uhr Golm, Haus 28, Raum 0.102
Golm, Haus 28, Raum 0.102---
10-16 UhrBrückenkursBrückenkursBrückenkursBrückenkursBrückenkurs11:00 Fahrradtour
ab 16 Uhr--16-18h Online Office Hour (English)
Questions, Timetable, PULS,… with Julian
over Zoom
Meeting-ID: 654 2648 2198
Kenncode: 29048929
17:30 Campus Tour (English) starting point: fountain at the library
with Shubham and Julian

18:30 cooking and eating in the Lesecafe with Shubham,
afterwords Star watching time

18:00 Präsenz Quiz weitere Infos folgen

The physics forum is located in the physics building (house 28) in room 0.085
The maths café is in the maths building (house 9) in room K0.05

This year the Ersti-Tour takes place on the 29th to 31st of October. Sign in for the tour via the following link: https://forms.gle/puDmqCXXexjtYYGd6 (You'll find all other intel there too. For questions write an email to Anmeldung@fsr.physik.uni-potsdam.de)

We'll notify you on the 18th of October about who'll be able to join the tour

You'll find addtional information on the official homepage of the University of Potsdam.
The following may interest you as well:

B.Sc. Physik

B.Sc. Mathematik

04.10.2021, 17:00 Uhr
Campus Golm, Haus 27, Raum 0.01

06.10.2021, 15:00 Uhr
Campus Golm, Haus 5, Raum 0.01

B.Ed. Physik

B.Ed. Mathematik und Physik im Verbund

04.10.2021, 17:00 Uhr
Campus Golm, Haus 27, Raum 1.01

06.10.2021, 16:00 Uhr
Campus Golm, Haus 14a, Raum 0.47

B.Ed. Mathematik Primarstufe

B.Ed. Mathematik Förderpädagogik

04.10.2021, 10:00 Uhr
Campus Golm, Haus 10, Raum 0.25

06.10.2021, 15:00 Uhr
Campus Golm, Haus 5, Raum 0.01

M.Sc. Astrophysik

M.Sc. Mathematik

20.10.2021, 11:00 Uhr
Campus Golm, Haus 28, Raum 0.102

25.10.2021, 18:00 Uhr
online (Zoom)

(for freshmen in the maths and physics major)

In order to freshen up your maths-skills we recommend taking the maths bridge course.
Time period: 11.10.2021 to 22.10.2021 (on workdays). During the first week this will take place between 8-16 o'clock, during the second week between 10-16 Uhr o'clock.

You will find a public preparation course on the page of the university of Lüneburg for example.

For all the physicists among you the second week will be organized by the institute of physics (Prof. Feldmeier and Prof. Wilkens). In this week Lisa Rüther lruether@uni-potsdam.de and Rick Simon rick.paul.axel.simon@gmail.com will lead the tutorials. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. During the first few semesters there will be additional bridge courses in maths and experimental physics. These in-semester tutorials will also be organized by Lisa Rüther and Rick Simon. They will approach you in the first week of lectures to find fitting dates for the tutorials.

You'll find the current Course Directory here.

Since the PDFS there can be a bit long and confusing, we recommend the directory on PULS (The University of Potsdam's portal for teaching and study organization). On PULS you can and must, as soon as you have a uni-account, sign up for all the courses and exam credits that you want to be credited for.
All your performances at our university will be saved in PULS.

Although you can put together your own study plan, we recommend keeping to the course plan noted in the study regulations for at least the first semester.
If you feel unsure or want to change something though, ask us during one of the many introductory events or just write us an e-mail.

Keep an eye on the deadlines, so that you'll be signed up for the courses and exams on time. You cannot sign up for a course post-deadline, PULS is sadly very strict in that regard. You'll find all the deadlines here!

PULS can give you your timetable as a pdf, which you can then print out.
Furthermore you'll find important documents there besides the course directory, like the certificate of study and other performance overviews.

The current study and exam regulations for maths and physics can be found on the homepage of the related institute. The exam regulations include the rights and duties you have as a student of your major. It's important to make yourself familiar with the contents of your regulations, you should check it out at least once in the duration of your studies.

Here you can view them online too:

We've linked the newest study regulations that you'll start with here:

Superordinate study regulations

Mono-Bachelor- and Mono-Master regulation
Teaching-Bachelor- and Teaching-Master regulation

These regulations are superordinate to all major-specific study regulations and therefore apply to all students of our university.

It's always the study regulation valid for your point of matriculation that applies to you. Changing to an older regulation is impossible.

Ihr wollt Potsdam auf elegante Weise erkunden, aber euch fehlt das Rad dazu?

Bei Nextbike habt ihr jeden Tag 3 Gratis-Stunden um ein Nextbike auszuleihen. Fahrräder gibt es an allen 3 Campi und überall in Potsdam. Anmelden könnt ihr euch unter Angabe eures Verifikationsschluessels (siehe Studienbescheinigung).

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